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" 同人・企業とも、次の内容に関連するものについては、現在の所、二次創作を制限させてください。
I'd like to place the following restrictions on all
derivative works, regardless of whether they're commercial or independent:
For-profit development of works whose main element is animation(*)
 ・Xbox360 インディーズゲームでの販売
Sale of software on the XBox 360 Indies channel
 ・AppStore や Androidマーケットでの販売(企業の方は問い合わせしてください)
Sale of software via the App Store, Android Market, etc. (for commercial
parties, please get in contact with me)

>Restriction of sales on the xbox 360

Zun I fucking love you and wan't to buy a very expensive bottle of liquor and send it to you

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So, wait this is because by selling something through avenues such as the App Store and Xboxlive the their respective corporations (Microsoft and Apple)get a cut of the profits?

Makes sense.

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more likely all of the profits

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