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Cirno enters ISML on Exhibition.

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I voted for her

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Hi /touhou/ I have a question. Imagine that you came in Gensokyo, no matter how.
Where you want to go ask a shelter. I want to go to Sacuya but it very creepy.
Becouse i'm scared freezing my ass at the lake ;_;

Last edited 11/04/28(Thu)15:22.

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One of the human villages, obviously.

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How about Reimu? She's a human. And besides she kindly person.
I like to dream that I ended up in Gensokyo and Reimu allowed me to stay with her.
And now I spend all the time with her. I'm helping her keep track of the temple. Every evening WE are sitting on porch, hug and drinking tea (sometimes Suika's booze) and i feeling smell of her skin and her hair. Also at the every weekend we make fest to inviting other girls and celebrate. Ohh how i want it........

>> No.9615   [Delete]   [Edit]

I guess sexy times are implied somewhere.

but, she's a kind person? She fights everything she meets!

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File: 1304127981056.jpg -(373.8 KiB, 1043x1509) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To be fair, she mostly does fights based on her job (except Tokiko's case).

The thing that really dazzles is the fact a second ago she's fighting a huge climatic fight against the last boss and the second later they're having a tea party and after EoSD she started making everyone she a met a friend of hers, PMiSS say her neutrality and strict manner is what makes youkai like her.

It's like everyone likes being sodomized by Reimu's gohei in Gensokyo. It works for the best, as the concept of grudge is apparently non-existent (except Kaguya and Mokou) and ZUN's vision can keep being shiny butterflies and blueberry muffin gardens.

Plus, after THIS canon chapter picture was released, the above can be verified.

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File: 1304128753603.jpg -(241.4 KiB, 692x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You forgot that most fights are people blocking her access to what she wants (beat up the final boss who is behind it all), of course without them there would only be 1 battle per game.

That said, remember that what Gensokyo's youkai and Reimu fans like is her relentlessness and carefree nature. Though lately she's starting to get really irritated when some youkai loon starts being mischevious and causes an incident starting from SA, probably a result of a post-SWR-trauma. The tea-times/SABND/OSB/SSIB do show her friendly side.

Although it's true that >>9613 may have gone a bit off board.

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I choose Rinnosuke Morichika

>> No.9619   [Delete]   [Edit]

Fuck yeah, Cirno won.

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