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Haven't you ever felt you are so away from the mainstream in Japan? haven't you ever thought if you were living in Japan so you could get any item you want?

That is why I'm here for.

I love Touhou. I love gamese, anime and so on.
And I wanna help people in foriegn country get the item they want.

We are agency for it. Any question, ask me.

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File: 1309089978211.jpg -(12.7 KiB, 300x388) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

can you get me a ZUN dakimakura?

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What percentage over the street price do you charge for importing to the US/Canada?

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Do you just sell touhou, or can you get me other stuff (specifically rozen maiden and zelda)

Also wow, touhou = get away with advertising

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How far back does the Touhou store sell the doujin CDs (as in, does the store sell old CDs if you didn't go to the conventions when they happened)? I'd love to pick up some Demetori CDs if I ever manage to swing by Akihabara on a Japan trip (since Comiket and Reitaisai are out of the question...).

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Ah, I see. 20% of cost, plus 1k yen packing, plus shipping fee.
Hm. Probably still a lot cheaper than buying from American importers.

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Seems pretty expensive compared to w-canvas via deputy service or especially amiami direct. What's your angle?

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