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So I've been lurking here off and on for a few years, as well as other Lolita communities. I've finally decided to take the plunge into the fashion, which I've been wanting to do ever since the early Fruits photo books started trickling to the States. (Old clotheshorse is old.)

So, I guess I'm looking for advice. Bluntly, I'm old, (though I look much younger than I am), and I am a fat girl. Any suggestions to help a newbie on her way? I'm thinking more along the Classic style; because while I think Sweet is cute, I don't feel comfortable being 35+ and looking like a giant pink cake.

Pic unrelated but hilarious. First thing I found searching for "Italoli".

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hellolace.net might be helpful.

I am glad that you're choosing classic over sweet at your age. :]

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http://fyeahlolita.blogspot.com/ welcome to the fashion!

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Thanks for the link! And yeah, it's the general Victorian flavor of the Classic style that drew me to the fashion in the first place. It seems only natural. :3

Heh, it's Miss Caro-chan's blog that I've mostly been lurking around actually. And while I've been considering it for a while, her article on the plus-sized Lolita that helped give me a push towards ruffles.

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